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The 1920s - Part 3: The Mississippi Delta blues
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Σάββατο, 29 Νοεμβρίου 2008

Who first palyed the blues, and the precise circumstances of its birth, remain shrouded in mystery. But there can be no doubt about where the music emerged - the alluvial plain in the northwest section of the state of Mississippi, created by thousands of years of flooding known as the Mississippi Delta.




29/11 17:24  Swearengen
-Clapton δεν έχει σήμερα ? Μου το χαλάς. Θα στενοχωρηθεί κι η Εlenitsa1.
29/11 20:49  Bluesman
αρχισες να κολλας και εσυ μου φαινεται...
29/11 23:52  elenitsa 1
Βρε,μαυρη λυσσα και κακια!
30/11 01:01  Nantia42
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