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Survival: long live the blues (last of series)
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Τετάρτη, 17 Δεκεμβρίου 2008

The last few decades have seen the blues move from being a vital form of expression - giving voice to the concerns of the daily lives of first sharecroppers and then those huddled in the back streets of poor black city neighborhoods - to become a heritage industry. With every year that passes, fewer of the original bluesman are left standing. Incredibly, at the time of writing, David "Honeyboy Edwards" and Robert Lockwood Jr. both of whom played with Robert Johnson, were still with us, but the connection with the pre-war world of the Mississippi Delta will soon inevitably be lost forever. New stars have emerged, but there has been nobody of sufficient stature to take the place of the pioneers who shaped and molded the blues into the institution it is today. as Giles Oakley put it in a 1997 afterword to a new edition of his 1976 book 'The Devil's Music', "It is still possible to hear plenty of magnificent music, live or on record. But what is far less easy to find is the new-direction innovator".



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